Monday, January 28, 2013

Rolling On

Days pass.
Good days filled with laughs.

They roll on in sequence,
delivering moments.

Frozen memories.

Chuckles on pillows with goodnight
I cling to to my not so little ones,
holding tight-

Fleeting snapshots of childhood

They grow, amaze, impress
and mature,

I watch in awe of what little girls
can become, sideswiped
by old videos and photos
of small girls I still

Days pass.
Good days filled with laughs.

And I enjoy the frozen

of our amazing lives.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


We spent the Thanksgiving three day weekend camping in the desert with friends. South of Abu Dhabi, we headed towards the oasis town of Liwa which is the last stop before the Rub Al Khali begins (The Empty Quarter), about 15 kilometers from the Saudi border.

Amazing sand and sun

Jill in the dunes
The kids loved the sledding
Setting up the tents

Bella in the dunes
Millions of years ago, this was the bottom of the ocean
While the kids looked for fish fossils in the salt flats,
The adults sat closer to the coolers.
Park it in the sand, kick off the sandals and enjoy

Jill enjoying the perfect weather 
Movember in the dunes!

Not for the lack of effort, but the fossils eluded the diggers

Simon did find a very cool lizard to amuse the kids
Sand and sun and a fun new friend in the tupperware 
(He walked to freedom sometime in the night)

The camp from higher up in the dunes


This looks like a fake background
Some locals in the 4 wheelers

Jill and I shadowing the dunes

The dune bashers stopped to say marhaba
Snowboards and sleds. Where are we?
Dune climbers rejoice
Rolling Rosie

Follow me....

The motor cycle joins the quad

Climbing the dunes makes you thirsty

Sunrise video
Chilly morning Bella

The little footprints of the "hopping mice"

Climbing the largest dune in the area
It's like walking up the down escalator
Some people needed to rest
Others conquered the hill

Reese and Bella styling as they enjoy their matching outfits
Simon finds the quickest way down
End of the road, Saudi Arabia 11 kilometers down the forbidden road
Bella playing the uke in the hotel lobby. We decided to spend the second night at the Liwa Hotel.
The boys in the lobby
The hotel is built like a fort atop a large dune overlooking the oasis town

The Liwa Hotel
This camel has a great view back to town

The hotel has a nice playground, pool and gardens

The sand dunes above the oasis

Prayer call in the desert

It was a great trip and everyone had a good time. Not the traditional Thanksgiving, but plenty to be thankful for as the weekend winded down.